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To solve big urban problems, Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs needed to show it was more than a tech disrupter.  BerlinRosen helps Sidewalk Labs communicate its focus on real urban problems -- lack of affordability, congestion, and growing carbon footprints-- and its thoughtful use of human-centered urban design and emerging technology to solve them.  BerlinRosen works with Sidewalk Labs on its Toronto project, and its efforts to improve cities around the world.  


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When Google’s Alphabet teamed up with Dan Doctoroff to create Sidewalk Labs, they needed to quickly explain how a company known for software would approach applying technology to the complex physical realities of cities.  


To clearly communicate the mission of a company focused on improving cities and quality of life through technology, we took a holistic look at Sidewalk Labs’ background. Centered around the intersection of technology and urban planning, we highlighted the company’s strong urbanist credentials, technical know-how, and successful track records at the highest levels of urban development, policy and government to connect the dots. 


BerlinRosen worked with the Sidewalk Labs team to develop a comprehensive positioning and thought leadership strategy that highlighted the company’s strong urbanist credentials, technical chops, and deep experience at the highest levels of urban development, policy and government. Through major speeches, interviews and op-eds, BerlinRosen helped launch Sidewalk Labs with a focus on the concrete urban problems—from affordability to sustainability—that emerging technologies can solve. We followed the company’s launch with careful announcements aimed at tech and urbanist media that showcase their practical approach to improving life in cities.


Our work for Sidewalk Labs has secured more than 10,000 media placements from outlets around the world and established its executives' leadership as leading experts on emerging urban technology.  Sidewalk Labs has built a global brand from scratch, resulting in business development and partnership opportunities – including Sidewalk Toronto, a project that has the potential to bring astounding levels of sustainability, mobility, and affordability to a new community on the Toronto waterfront.

Sidewalk Labs' launch debuted in the New York Times, with an in-depth profile from senior reporter Steve Lohr. CEO Dan Doctroff has become a sought after speaker at conferences around the world.Sidewalk Labs' ideas and innovations for improving city life have been covered hundreds of times by leading technology, business, and innovation press.